realself reviews

Dr. Mazaheri,

I wanted to send you a note expressing my sincere gratitude for your assistance and support through my breast augmentation. I was nervous about having elective surgery but you and your professional staff helped alleviate any concerns and treated me so well throughout every step of the process. Everyone on your staff made me feel right at home.

– Karen

You have made a great deal of difference in my life. You have helped me in so any ways and I am truly appreciative for everything you have done for me. Forever Thankful!

– Catherine

Being a generally timid person when it comes to undergoing even the simplest of medical procedures, I had a lot of worries. I found Dr. Mazaheri to be knowledgeable, kind, understanding of my needs, and reassuring. The results were amazing; much better than I had dared hope for. I feel lucky and happy to have come to know Dr. Mazaheri, and it is without hesitation that I would recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic or corrective surgery.

– Margaret

I love the result. I feel and look great. Everyone in your office is courteous, professional and welcoming. Thanks so much for everything!

– Karen

From the first time I stepped into your office, you made me feel like family! Thank you again, and I will see you again in time. I appreciate Dr. Mazaheri’s excellent care. His office staff made me feel very comfortable from my first visit. The results from my surgery are far beyond my expectations. I can’t thank him enough for his medical expertise and his personal touch.

– Charlotte

I cant express myself enough on how much I appreciate you all! Dr. M fabulous work!! You all have entered my heart and will be there always.

– Anonymous

There are no words to express how much your care, concern and individual attention has meant to me. Thank you for making me feel so special, and for calming all my fears. Not only does my body look great after only three weeks, but my confidence and self-image have improved drastically! This is truly a gift, thank you so much!


Dr. Mazaheri,

This thank you note is meant to extend far beyond my gratitude for the surgery you performed. It is important to me that you know how much I appreciate your treating me with such respect and dignity. Despite the fact you’ve done many procedures such as mine, I felt as if I were your only patient. You were always available to answer every question and to reassure me, even when I called at 4:30 a.m. Clearly your skills in surgery are apparent as I look wonderful. Equally as important is your compassion as a physician. While there are many fine surgeons out there, those who are compassionate and empathetic are rare. How fortunate I am to have you as my doctor.

– Cindy

Dr. Mazaheri,

November 25, 2003 was the beginning of a new life for me. My REBIRTH!! A start of many changes to come. Over the next several months I learned what my new system would and wouldn’t accept. I have worked very hard to achieve this new body and just as hard to change my head to accept all the other changes in my life.

– Catherine