Gynecomastia Surgery: What to Expect

What Is Gynecomastia Surgery?

When undergoing any surgery, it can be a daunting experience. With just under 27,000 men having gynecomastia surgery in the US in 2017, it’s important to know what to expect when choosing to have a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Gynecomastia surgery patients opt for this procedure when they would like to receive a male breast reduction. Enlarged breasts in men can be caused by a number of factors including puberty (this often subsides over time once hormones stabilize), weight changes, and aging. Whatever the root cause, it can affect your self-esteem and prevent you wanting to take your shirt off when around other people.

Gynecomastia is a corrective surgery which can restore men’s body confidence and reduce physical discomfort caused by the issue.


Are You A Candidate For Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Firstly, it’s important to say that the male breast reduction surgery should only be recommended when other corrective action has no effect on the gynecomastia. Once this has been determined, your gynecomastia surgeon will work closely with you to decide on the best course of action. It goes without saying that anesthesia will be used to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during the surgery.


Causes of Gynecomastia


Glandular Tissue Gynecomastia

This type of gynecomastia affects men who have breast tissue below their nipple-areolar complex which causes a bulging effect.

Glandular tissue gynecomastia surgery involves:

  • A small incision being made around the nipple-areolar complex
  • Bulging tissue, approximately the size of a golf ball, being cut away from the area
  • Repositioning of the nipple (if appropriate) to produce a natural contour effect in the chest area


Localized Chest Fat

For men with a lot of fat in their chest, the resulting appearance can appear to look like gynecomastia. In these cases, liposuction is the recommended treatment.

Liposuction surgery involves:

  • Small incisions being made around the area
  • A long, hollow cannula inserted through the incisions
  • Back and forth movements dislodging the excess fat
  • Excess fatty tissue being removed through these small liposuction ports via a suction device attached to the cannula
  • A new chest contour being sculpted which looks natural for your body shape


Loose Skin

Another cause of gynecomastia is increased skin laxity which often occurs with age or after excessive weight loss. For this type of issue, skin tightening procedures may be undergone.


Recovery After Gynecomastia Surgery

After the surgery, the incisions will covered in a dressing, and you’ll need to wear a support garment to minimize swelling and support any chest contouring which has taken place. Once the swelling has reduced, you’ll see the impressive results, and incision lines will continue to fade over time.

Gynecomastia is one of the most rewarding surgeries because it can change the lives of the men who choose to undergo the procedure, restoring their self-confidence. 


Considering Gynecomastia Surgery? Discuss Your Needs

Dr. Mazaheri plastic and reconstructive surgeon is board certified with over 20 years of experience. At his clinic in Scottsdale, during his gynecomastia surgery consultations, he takes the time to explore the physical causes of your body issues while finding the right procedure for both your individual situation and goals. With his expert support and advice, he’ll work closely with you to find the right solution for your needs.

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