Is Gynecomastia Surgery Right For You?

Why Should Men Consider Gynecomastia Surgery?

As a condition characterized by enlarged breasts in males, more men than ever are considering gynecomastia surgery.

Living with gynecomastia can be difficult for men of any age. You may even find yourself being ridiculed by others, or simply too embarrassed to take your top off. This can cause much emotional discomfort, causing low self-esteem as a result.

Gynecomastia surgery is a corrective procedure that’ll resolve the issue and give you more self-confidence.


Who Should Consider Male Breast Reduction Surgery?


If you’re suffering with self-image issues

This can present itself through a lack of intimate relationships, embarrassment when taking your top off, avoidance of specific physical activities, or even struggling to find clothing that will hide the gynecomastia.

It hasn’t self-corrected

Although men can develop gynecomastia at any age, the issue can be seen in adolescents as they hit puberty, as breast tissue starts to develop and hormonal imbalances occur. However, in many cases, it subsides over time as hormones stabilize.

Alternative treatment is not an option

Depending on the gynecomastia cause, a man may be able to explore other options first such as reducing fat in the chest and breast areas through a healthy diet and exercise. If excess breast tissue is the issue, surgery may be your only option.


Gynecomastia surgery can have a powerful effect on the way a man sees himself and improve his self-confidence for good. A knowledgeable surgeon will establish the cause and take you through your choices.


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