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Antiaging neck lift procedure
Dr. Mazaheri Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale Arizona

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After spending 16 years in advanced education and rigorous surgical training, Dr. Mazaheri opened his very own surgical practice in 2003. Since then, Dr. Mazaheri has successfully executed countless medical and cosmetic plastic surgeries in Arizona, from breast reductions to tummy tucks. Along with his surgical skills and accolades, Dr. Mazaheri is also an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This group of leading plastic surgeons seeks to make breast augmentation, and other cosmetic procedures as safe as possible nationwide. When you book an appointment with Dr. Mazaheri, you can rest easy knowing he cares deeply about the health and happiness of every patient. That’s his secret to producing beautiful, lasting, and natural-looking results every time.

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Neck Lift Surgery Options

A neck lift can help both men and women regain a youthful appearance, alleviating concerns about wrinkling and sagging in the neck area. A neck lift is an effective way to diminish signs of aging such as sagging skin and lax jowls that may appear on the neck and face, when you have lost the fullness of youth. Many people think facelifts and neck lifts are the same procedures. While the cosmetic procedures have some similarities, they are different processes that can benefit different people. A facelift generally improves the volume of the face if it has slipped down into the jowls and jawline. The procedure repositions the face into a higher and more youthful position. A neck lift, on the other hand, is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and skin around the jawline to give the neck a more youthful and defined look. Dr. Mehdi Mazaheri makes an incision in the hairline during the process. It continues down the ear to the posterior hair. Depending on the type of aesthetic improvement the patient would like to see, Dr. Mazaheri redistributes or sculpts the fat from the neck and jowls. He also repositions the tissues underlying the neck’s skin and tightens the platysma muscle and trims away excess skin. While it may take a full 4 to 6 weeks to see your complete results from a neck lift, the actual downtime is very minimal. Recovery time is about 10 to 14 days.

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Antiaging neck lift procedure

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No matter your concerns, Dr. Mazaheri makes sure you get the best before and after neck lift outcomes. A certified and experienced plastic surgeon, he offers the most reliable and effective neck lift options in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Why Consider a Necklift?

Some common concerns patients have regarding their appearance include sagging or loose skin and “turtle wattle” under the neck. Naturally, aging causes us to lose fullness and laxity in the skin and muscles. This can make your skin sag or create crepes in the skin. The jowls loosen and droop and the chin fat begins to swell. When platysma muscles sag, they cause an unattractive banding of the skin


Improved wrinkles, marionette lines, and jowls
Correction of loose, sagging, or crepe-like skin of the neck
Excess fat removal underneath the chin and neck
Smooth and refined jawline
A rejuvenated appearance
Very little downtime

Cost of Neck Lifts

Neck lift cost and recovery time vary depending on the type of surgery option you choose. However, when you choose Dr. Mazaheri and his team, they offer you a variety of convenient and affordable neck lift price options. You can choose the financing option that meets your requirements and budget the best.

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