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Tighten sagging arms with Dr. Mazaheri, using the latest brachioplasty techniques!

Tightening and elevating the dimension of your arms is not difficult anymore! If you have the dreaded “bat wings,” a brachioplasty procedure is an ideal solution for your sagging arms. Dr. Mazaheri is a leading specialist in cosmetic procedures. A board-certified plastic surgeon with unparalleled expertise in the transformative, precise science of brachioplasty, he has performed many highly successful brachioplasty surgeries. Our highly regarded plastic surgery is performed in a comfortable, state-of-the art facility in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Mazaheri has been proudly serving people in this community for years. An arm lift may be just the thing to help you look and feel better.

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Brachioplasty Procedure Scottsdale

Is Brachioplasty Worth It?

People who have undergone substantial weight loss, or those who just feel that their upper arms sag, may be a candidate for brachioplasty. While working out your arm muscles can help reduce arm fat, it doesn’t address the excess skin in the arm losing elasticity. Brachioplasty by Dr. Mazaheri is an excellent option and can offer you a life-changing effect. This procedure reshapes the upper arm by removing excess skin, creating a more youthful, contoured appearance. The arm contouring process performed by one of today’s premier plastic surgeons can slim and tone the arms. Dr. Mazaheri has a wealth of experience in performing arm lift surgeries. Using the most effective brachioplasty techniques, Dr. Mazaheri pulls back the skin to tighten loose skin and remove extra fat deposits in your upper arms due to age or weight loss. It is a limited incision brachioplasty procedure that smoothens the tissues and gives each arm a toned shape.

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Who Is The Best Candidate for Brachioplasty Surgery?

Brachioplasty can be the right choice for different cosmetic reasons. If your skin sags and starts to deform in a way that interferes with or restricts arm use, an arm lift may help. Dr. Mazaheri makes sure to evaluate the patient’s condition before recommending brachioplasty surgery.

The best candidates for arm lift surgery:

Don’t smoke
Don’t drink heavily
Don’t have any serious disease that could exacerbate due to surgery
Have saggy skin in the arm region
Have a healthy lifestyle
Can maintain weight
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What You Receive From Dr. Mazaheri Plastic Surgery

Why Get An Armlift with the Best Brachioplasty Surgeon In Scottsdale, AZ

Attractive Figure

Do you have flabby arms that seem out of proportion compared to the rest of your body? Dr. Mazaheri can solve the issue with his proven brachioplasty techniques. He removes the fat from saggy arms to make your body look more toned and defined. Contact Dr. Mazaheri to improve the shape of your arms!

Attractive Figure

This is the most important benefit of a bilateral brachioplasty procedure for patients with sagging arms. Surplus skin droops off your arm and makes moving around or performing routine tasks difficult. In some cases, the condition can affect your lifestyle. It can also make workouts painful. Brachioplasty eliminates the excess skin, makes arms lighter weight, and toned. It is an excellent way to prevent physical pain and discomfort.

What Else?

Brachioplasty surgery doesn’t have much downtime
You don’t have to wear any compressive garments
Limited swelling

What to Discuss with Dr. Mazaheri?

Dr. Mazaheri is an experienced and highly professional plastic surgeon who considers patient safety and care his priority. He gives each patient ample time during the consultation session. Patients can learn what they should expect during their surgical procedure and ask questions specific to their health and needs.

Patients can discuss the following:

Family medical history
Desired expectations and outcomes
Existing medical condition
Potential risks related to the procedure
Known allergies

You’re just one step away from getting the toned and shapely arms you deserve. Call Dr. Mazaheri and get your personal consultation today!

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Dr. Mazaheri Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale Arizona

Cost of Brachioplasty

The average brachioplasty cost varies. Dr. Mazaheri offers an affordable arm lift procedure for all eligible patients. This price is competitive with other top surgeons in the country. You may pay via different financing options such as healthcare credit cards and Alphaeon Credit.

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