Amazing Surgeon!

When I started my mommy makeover journey I was a little apprehensive about it, but when I called Dr. Mazaheri’s office I was pleasantly surprised at the time Karla took to explain what everything entails. When I had my consultation I felt very comfortable talking to Dr. Mazaheri and he explained everything very well. I am very happy with my results and I couldn’t think of Dr. Mazaheri and his staff enough for their excellent customer service and bedside manner. .

– kristenmesa (Mommy Makeover) on 04/12/21

I highly recommend Dr Masheri if you want the BEST!! I am extremely happy with my results

I met with Dr Mehdi Mazheri for the consultation and was impressed immediately. His bedside manner is professional and really listened to my needs/concerns. All the staff was friendly and caring every step of the way. I was surprised how quickly I was able to get back to life. I highly recommend Dr Masheri if you want the BEST!! I am extremely happy with my results. Thank you!!!

– Lilikoi20 (Breast Lift) on 07/01/20

Dr. Mazaheri and His Team Are the BEST!

I am approaching my late 30’s and have 2 children. I have always wanted breast implants, but was too insecure to even consider beginning the process. I was literally shaking and in tears when I arrived to the office for my consultation. Immediately, Heidi and Summer put me at ease. They allowed me to vent and share my concerns without guilt or shame. They offered multiple options to help me feel more comfortable with the process. They talked me through everything that would take place, no matter how minor it might have seemed to them. Upon meeting Dr. Mazaheri, I was even more comforted. He is professional. He is calm. He is not just a cosmetic plastic surgeon, he also performs emergency reconstruction for children in need. He is no-nonsense, straight forward and tells you exactly what to expect. Not one time did I feel like I was being “sold” anything. I was asked what my goals and expectations were – and then I was given the opportunity to achieve them. Prior to my procedure, I was painfully insecure about my physical appearance. It impacted my life and my relationships in a very negative way. On operation day, every assistant involved put me at ease. Everyone was supportive, kind and encouraging. Dr. Maz himself even called me personally the evening after surgery to check in. Post-procedure, my whole perception of myself has changed. I feel confident, empowered, and happier with my physical self than ever before. This procedure has impacted my life in an exceptionally positive way..

– KRussell5317 (Breast Implants) on 05/13/20

You will not be disappointed if you choose Dr. Maz!

I cannot say enough about Dr. Mazaheri and his staff. I was nervous when I went in for my consult in early 2019 but was pleasantly surprised from the moment I walked in the door. I was greeted by the friendliest ladies who made me feel completely at ease. Summer and Heidi are gems and truly care about my wellbeing. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and then had my daughters in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011. I had a lot of loose skin and had been dreaming about having a tummy tuck for years. When I met with Dr. Mazaheri he was honest and to the point. During our talk, he told me that he loves his work and that he gets to help people feel better about their bodies. After we talked, the time came where I had to get undressed and stand in front of him, I was shocked that I did not feel embarrassed at all. I trusted him completely. My results are amazing! I had a tummy tuck, a monsplasty, liposuction with fat transfer to my buttocks. I will go back to him again for a breast lift in the future. You will not be disappointed if you choose Dr. Maz!

– Jodi Coffman (Tummy Tuck) on 03/12/20

Dr. Mazaheri is a miracle worker!

I am grateful for the experience, knowledge and gifted surgical hands of Mendhi K. Mazaheri. When I presented with and extremely difficult condition during tummy tuck procedure last week, most doctors would never have taken the time, patience, and tedious intricate skill required to fix this before continuing with the scheduled procedure. Not Dr.Mazaheri. He painstakingly completed it first then completed the scheduled procedure flawlessly. He is a master surgeon with a depth of knowledge, skill, and compassion for his patients. I am grateful to have found him and for much he has improved my life.

– Ballyverde2 (Tummy Tuck) on on 03/03/20

The best doctor! Dr. Mazaheri gave me the priceless gift of confidence

I wish I had done the surgery sooner. I had 2 c-sections with my kids. My breasts were 34 DD and after nursing, wearing a bra 24/7 became a must. I’ve tried dieting and exercise to get rid of the loose skin and muffin top with no luck. I had many consultations with different plastic surgeons and never felt comfortable with any of them. It wasn’t anything specific but a feeling that they were not what I was looking for. Having several consultations gave me better ideas about what I wanted and what questions to ask.

A good friend of mine who is 72 years old mentioned having a breast lift and tummy tuck. She showed me her results and I was sold. She gave me the name of her plastic surgeon and I scheduled the consultation.

I saw Dr. Mazaheri at his Beverly Hills practice and he was everything I hoped for. He listened to my concerns, gave suggestions, and helped me make the best decision possible. Dr. Mazaheri suggested breast lift, tummy tuck, and lipo, I opted out of lipo and he respected my decision.

Dr. Mazaheri’s staff constantly followed up with me answering any questions or concerns I had before and after the surgery.

Staying at a recovery center after my surgery was the best thing I did. It was expensive but definitely worth having 24 hour care for a few days,

Let’s talk about confidence and how much that makes a difference. I’m able to wear a top or dress without a bra. My tummy although still swollen looks flatter than I’ve seen it in a long time. Dr. Mazaheri gave me the priceless gift of confidence. He is very talented at what he does and genuinely cares.

I think most of us go around used to whatever our bodies morph into after having kids. The surgery gave me the confidence in myself that I haven’t had in a long time. Dr. Mazaheri came to the recovery center and checked in on me several times. I appreciated the fact that he cared. The nurses at the recovery center said most doctors don’t come to check on their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Mazaheri

– arisor1 (Mommy Makeover) on 01/29/20

Expectations Exceeded

Surgery is a serious, so selecting the right doctor is vital. If you are looking you must consider Dr. Mehdi Mazaheri. My nervousness was quelled in the initial visit by his kind a patient manner. He took the time to make sure I had a complete understanding of each procedure as well as the reasonable surgical expectations/outcomes of each. His preoperative diagnosis and outcome assessment was thorough, straightforward, clear and concise. His skilled expertise along with his patient, caring, manner, and genuine interest in my welfare was immensely reassuring.
Surgery is always a concern but I also took comfort in knowing that Dr. Mazaheri expertly leads a hand picked experienced surgical team. This is extremely important in all surgeries but exponentially imperative should any surgical surprises occur as they did for me. I was scheduled for three procedures: panneculectomy, mammoplasty, and brachioplasty. It turned out I had four procedures, as a umbilical hernia was discovered hiding behind mesh from a prior hernia surgery. Thanks to Dr. Mazaheri, and his team, all were expertly and meticulously repaired. In fact, the recuperation for all four of these procedures was easier and faster than my previous single hernia surgeries, even though I am much older now.
Dr. Mazaheri, his staff, and team made my entire surgical process uncomplicated, reassuring, and pleasant. I am remarkably grateful to have placed my health in the gifted compassionate hands of Dr. Mazaheri. My surgery results were amazing as they far exceeded my expectations and I could not be.

– ballyverde (Panniculectomy) on 09/11/19

5 Stars Across the Board

Dr. Mazaheri is just simply the best! I’ve had two procedures with him (breast augmentation and breast implant explanation) and his work is flawless. Not only is he an incredibly skilled plastic surgeon but his team and bedside manner is what makes his practice truly the best! I felt cared, heard and listened to on day one. I’m beyond happy with the services I have received as well as the results that I achieved. I can’t thank Dr. Mazaheri and his staff enough for their professionalism, kindness and expertise… thank you for all you do and for helping me feel confident again in my body!

– aduffy2485 (Breast Augmentation) on 09/06/19

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