Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery – What Happens After Surgery?

Men choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction) for a variety of reasons, usually to enhance their self-image and improve their body confidence. One of the main aspects patients worry about when undergoing any type of surgery is the recovery involved and what the results will be like.

So, what happens during the aftercare and how will gynecomastia results change over time?

What to Expect Immediately After Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

After gynecomastia surgery, you’ll initially recover in the facility under the care of your surgeon’s team. Your incision lines will be covered in dressings, and your surgeon will ask you to wear a support garment. This supports your new chest contouring and helps with your gynecomastia surgery recovery, including minimization of the swelling. Use this time to rest and recover, ask questions about they gyno aftercare process. You may find your energy levels are low and even experience some emotional ups and downs, but this is normal.

Going Home

  • Once your surgeon is happy that you are well enough to go home, you’ll receive aftercare instructions which may be customized to the type of gynecomastia surgery you’ve undergone. These will let you know how you can recover quicker and anything you should keep an eye on. Your surgeon will also inform you about medications you’ll need to take and what do if you have any concerning symptoms such as shortness of breath.
  • It’s also important to look after your incisions when you return home, ensuring they aren’t subjected to excessive force, motion or abrasions. Remember to ask your surgeon about anything you’re unsure about, including when you can drive again, how long to rest for, and when you can return to normal day-to-day activities.

Gynecomastia Signs: Am I Affected?

Long-Term Results

  • Results are immediately visible, although the effects can be difficult to see fully until dressings and the support garment are removed. While you’ll notice a huge improvement in your body straight away, the most rewarding part is that over time, the swelling will subside and the permanent incisions lines will fade, showing further improvements. This means satisfaction levels with your gynecomastia surgery will continue to increase as you heal. You may also need to make some lifestyle changes if gynecomastia was due to certain drugs, medications or weight gain to maintain your results after surgery completion.
  • Speak to your surgeon during your consultation about the recovery process and what you can expect after surgery.
long term results of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Timeline & Expectations


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