Breast Augmentation Cost in Scottsdale

When undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s often to improve your self-confidence — making the choice after experiencing changes in your body after weight loss, pregnancy or the effects of aging. However, one of the primary questions on a patient’s mind is how much the surgery is going to affect their bank balance. When it comes to the cost of breast augmentation in Scottsdale, there are a number of factors involved.


Here’s our simple guide to make things a little clearer:


What are the Costs Involved in Breast Augmentation?

The cost of breast augmentation in Scottsdale generally falls into a wide price range (usually between $4,900 and $12,900). There are several reasons for such a variation in price:

1. The type of surgery you need

Some women only need a breast augmentation, but others may be more suited to a breast lift. For those who require both surgeries to achieve their body aims, the cost will be higher.

2. Customizing the procedure

Every patient is different, so there’s a number of individual factors which can affect the price, depending on what’s involved with the surgery and the type of implants chosen.

3. The total cost

It’s not just the cost of the breast implant which is included in the total price. Remember, costs include anesthesia fees, operating facility costs, post-surgery garments, and your surgical costs.

4. Your surgeon

Costs will vary from surgeon to surgeon, but it’s not always the best idea to find those offering the lowest prices. A surgeon’s fee is often based on their experience, so find out more about how long they’ve been practicing and examples of their work.


Please note that health insurance plans won’t usually cover cosmetic breast augmentation costs, but you should carefully review your policy before undergoing the procedure.


Ask Your Surgeon

During your consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon, they’ll explain the procedure in detail and check which surgery you’re a good candidate for, taking into consideration your goals and body shape. They’ll also go through everything required from you, including what you’ll need to do pre-surgery and any costs involved with the procedure. It’s important to feel totally comfortable with your surgeon and trust in his experience and services – this is even more important than the costs involved with the surgery.


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