What Causes Uneven Breasts [Uneven Boobs]?

Lopsided breasts, or very uneven breasts, are known in the medical world as breast asymmetry. Your breasts can grow to appear this way due to several different possibilities:

  • Uneven adolescence development
  • Virginal hypertrophy following puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Breast Infection
  • Aging
  • Shrinkage caused by a medical condition
  • Weight change
  • Mastectomy
  • Previously-botched breast augmentation

How Common Are Crooked Boobs?

It’s extremely common to have some form of uneven breasts. Think about it: does it really make sense for your body to have perfectly symmetrical ones as they grow, shrink, and change throughout your entire life?

If you notice your breasts have slightly different sizes or shapes, you don’t have to worry. However, If the difference is enough to make you feel uncomfortable with your body, so you can consult Dr. Mazaheri on the breast asymmetry correction options available to you so you can feel good about yourself no matter what you’re wearing or doing.

Can You Fix Breast Asymmetry?

If you are unhappy with how your uneven breasts [uneven boobs] or lopsided breasts make you feel, visit Dr. Mazaheri office so our staff can hear your story and help you move forward with incredible, life-changing procedure options.

You can fix breast asymmetry with breast augmentation surgery, sometimes referred to as breast implants. Depending on your desired bust look, Dr. Mazaheri may suggest one or two differently-sized implants for both of your breasts.

Because we put the health and needs of your body first, we also offer breast reduction surgery so you can make one of both breasts smaller. Otherwise, a breast lift is a great way to serve as or support a breast asymmetry correction method.

Book a consultation with us so we can determine what you want and how our knowledgeable plastic surgeon and supporting staff can help you get there.

Different Breast Procedures for fixing asymmetrical breasts

Find out how Dr. Mazaheri can correct your mild to very uneven breasts using the simple procedural options below.

  • Breast Augmentation or Implant(s): We can insert breast implants in front of your pectoral muscles for a more dramatic bust. The recovery time is shorter and relatively less discomforting than the following approach because they’re easier to implant here. Placement behind this wall of muscles leaves a subtler finish as you’re moving the breast tissue forward. This will give you more support and a smaller proclivity of sagging as you age. The implant itself is much less visible and most mammogram imaging tests won’t be disrupted by it.
  • Breast Lift: Although a breast lift is not a breast augmentation or enlargement, many of our patients will opt for it because it firms your breast tissue. This can restore your overall breast shape, placement, and firmness by removing excess skin, lifting sag, improving shape, and reducing the size of your areola. You’ll really feel the difference when you come to see Dr. Mazaheri for breast asymmetry surgery!
  • Breast Reduction: If one of your breasts feels too large or heavy it could be causing you underlying health issues. Breast asymmetry correction through breast reduction surgery can alleviate or resolve back pain, breathing problems, skeletal deformity, rashes, poor posture, misfitting clothing, and more. It will help you feel like the balance of your body is restored!

There’s no need to settle for less than what you really want when you’ve got us. Resolve your uneven breasts once and for all by scheduling an appointment to see expert plastic surgeon Dr. Mazaheri. We’ll figure out your personalized procedure plan and guide you through this process so you can feel your best.


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