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When a Breast Implant Gone Wrong…

Repair any botched breast implant surgery with certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mazaheri Breast Revision Surgery From Dr. Mazaheri Maybe you’ve seen our pictures of bad breast implants before and after, or heard about the relief we bring our patients after their botched surgery. Whatever brought you here: know that if you’re experiencing the effects of botched implants, you can get

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What to Do After Botched Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Who Is Liable for Botched Plastic Surgeries? A plastic surgeon can be declared liable for medical malpractice if they’re proven to have acted negligibly during an unfortunate case of a botched plastic surgery. A “botched” plastic surgery occurs when your post-procedure appearance leaves you with a dissatisfying outcome. This dissatisfaction should have arisen from the effect of a surgical complication
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