What To Expect From Your Plastic Surgery Experience

Plastic Surgery Consultation

When choosing to undergo surgery with the best plastic surgeons, it’s natural to feel anxious about what’s involved throughout the entire process. To get the best out of your experience, here are some of the things you can expect at each stage when seeing top plastic surgeons like Dr. Mazaheri.



Before attending your consultation, ensure the plastic surgeon specializes in the procedure you want, is Board Certified, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons  (ASPS) who impose the highest standards for qualifications, training, practice, and ethics upon their members.

The consultation is your main opportunity to find the right solution for your needs, ask questions, and alleviate your concerns. Ensure you attend the appointment knowing everything you want to find out and understand what should be covered during your time with the surgeon.


Top Plastic Surgeons Will:

  • Take the time to listen to your needs and your own body goals
  • Assess whether you’re a good candidate for the surgery
  • Only recommend the best procedures for your individual needs
  • Look at alternatives if a procedure isn’t the best choice for you
  • Have the specialist skills to know which type of procedure will achieve your desired results
  • Conduct a thorough examination to ensure the procedure is right for your body profile (for example, an issue caused by loose skin may need to be treated differently than an issue caused by localized fat)
  • Explain what will happen during the surgery and afterward
  • Offer plenty of opportunities for asking questions
  • Be able to show you examples of their previous work, including before and after photographs
  • Take your full medical history
  • Explain any risks or complications associated with the procedure
  • Plan the next steps with you so that you can prepare for surgery
  • Put you at ease from the first contact through to follow-up appointments after surgery



If you’ve found a board-certified plastic surgeon who is an ASPS member, you can rest assured they carry out procedures at an accredited, licensed medical facility. This means it meets strict national standards for aspects such as equipment, safety, and staff credentials. Having such standards in place leads to low complication rates, low mortality rates, and lower costs. Your surgery may take place in a hospital or surgery center and can involve either inpatient or outpatient surgery, depending on the procedure you’re undergoing. You’ll be given full instructions for what to do both before and on the day of your surgery, so ensure you follow these correctly.



Aftercare includes the time you’ll need to recover at the facility, your recovery at home, and any follow-up appointments you’ll need to attend with your surgeon.

After the surgery, you may notice results immediately, but the full effects won’t usually be apparent until swelling has subsided, incisions have healed, and any dressings or supportive garments have been removed. This may take several days, weeks, or months after surgery, depending on the procedure with some results improving even more over time.


The Best Plastic Surgeons Will:

  • Have the appropriate number of qualified staff managing your recovery after surgery
  • Let you know how the surgery went and what’s in place to help you heal and support any contouring you’ve had completed
  • Provide full post-operative instructions including self-care, what to avoid, and how to maximize results
  • Prescribe any necessary medications and pain relief you require
  • Schedule your follow-up appointment


Starting Your Journey

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