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How Long Do Facial Fillers Last?

Not to be confused with Botox, face fillers (or dermal fillers) are a minimally-invasive procedure that uses injections to add fullness to the face in specific areas such as the lips and cheeks. Face fillers are typically used on older clients who are looking to add more liveliness to their faces, along with anyone looking to treat issues ranging from wrinkles to thin lips.


All About Facelifts: What They Are & How Much They Cost

What Is a Facelift? Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock? Sagging, deep creases, and excessive skin can make you feel less youthful. Your face is the first part of your body that people see when they look at you, not to mention, the first thing you see when you look in the mirror every morning. It is

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Common Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

If there’s something about your body you don’t like, it’s not unusual to try to hide it either with clothing or avoiding situations where your issue may become more visible. However, if your self-esteem or confidence is being affected by anything which would require facial surgery to correct, it can be harder to ignore. Let’s talk about Common Facial Plastic

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